Monday, December 30, 2013


    Some people may think getting to write a column here is no big deal, or even a pain but, for me it is an honor.  I had to stop working 6 years ago when I was 28, thanks to MS.  I complained about it all the time when I was working but, now that I can’t, I miss it so much.

     When I was told I could write a column here I was so excited.  I’m not getting paid like a job but, getting to do this makes me feel like I’m working again.  I consider each column I write here to be important  and, hopefully they can teach people things they didn’t know about MS.

   I was diagnosed on December 7, 2004 and until that day, I knew nothing about MS.  Now, nine years later, I know more about it than I ever cared to.  I know people feel too embarrassed to ask questions but, I wish they would.  It worries me that people just assume they know what’s going on and, I really don’t mind answering any questions someone may have.  I know I didn’t know anything about MS until I was diagnosed and, now I take it as a responsibility to educate people whenever I can.

    To me, this is basically the perfect job.  I get to reach out to people and, there’s no meetings.  That was by far my least favorite part of working.  People might think doing this isn’t that important but, to me it is very important.  I have something to do every week and, if I do my job right, I will be educating people, which I think is very important.