Sunday, October 6, 2013


Tony Bodmer and Kelly Boyce, Columnists,
Tony Bodmer

Well, here is the story of me and my girlfriend, Kelly Boyce.

 We met on a dating site made specifically for disabled people. She has cerebral palsey to my ms.  To make it easier, we just call it cp.

I learned a lot because like ms, cp is not the same for everyone. When she told me, I had seen her picture and instantly said "No you don't." I almost said "But you look so good" lol

We had joined the dating site because we were both lonely and tired of telling people about our disability and never hearing from them again. There was an instant click between us and after the first time we saw each other was great because she just saw Tony, not Tony with ms and, I just saw Kelly, not Kelly with cp. I think the only thing we would change, if we could, is how often we see each other. Neither one of us can drive because of our disabilities so we only see each other when my dad can take me to her, or her sister can bring her to me. We are hoping to solve this problem soon because we are looking into apartments we can live with each other.

I know how the people feel who feel like they will never find anybody because back in March, before I met Kelly, I thought the same thing. That person is out there for all of us. Just takes a little patience. Easier said than done, I know, but it is possible.

She is enjoying writing this with me. I look forward to telling everyone when we get our own place.